Why Choose Cans
Taste Cost Savings

Cans preserve the quality of beer better than any other
     packaging solution.

Cans do not let in any light or oxygen, which preserves 
    the quality of your product longer than bottles.

Cans are coated with a water-based polymer lining that
prevents the contents from touching the aluminum, and
     preserves the chemistry of the product.

Cans are lighter to ship and distribute, and take up less
    shelf space, which will maximize your profit potential.

Choosing a mobile canning option allows small breweries

     to save a substantial capital investment in a canning line
     and packaging materials--money that could then be
     utilized to expand the brewhouse.

Convenience Environment

Cans cool faster than bottles, and can be crushed after
     consuming, making it easier to pack out.

Cans can go more places—camping, hiking, golfing,  
     sporting events, biking, you name it.

Cans are lightweight.

Cans don’t break or shatter.

Most cans on store shelves today are made up of 40% or
     more recycled material.

100% of an aluminum can is recyclable, and aluminum is
     infinitely recyclable.

While many places in Montana and Idaho have phased
     out glass recycling, you can recycle aluminum anywhere!