About Spokes Mobile Canning

Our mission is to provide clean, quality canning services to craft breweries and cider houses in the Inland Northwest. We see ourselves as an extension of the brewing community. You will always find us at local events, supporting our breweries through sponsorship, social media, and promotion. Most importantly, we help local craft breweries find a wider market and increase their customer base.

The idea for a mobile canning operation in the Inland Northwest happened over a craft beer (of course!). While lamenting the lack of local craft beer in local stores, Greg Brandt of Iron Goat Brewing, mentioned that they if and when they packaged, they would want their beer in a can, and wanted to use a mobile canner. But there was a small hitch in his plan--there were no mobile canners anywhere near Spokane. As craft beer lovers and supporters of local industry, that was all it took for the seed to take root in Amanda and Abbie, and eventually they created Spokes Mobile Canning. Spokes offers canning services to breweries, wineries and cider houses in eastern Washington, northern Idaho and Montana.


Abbie grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, but always knew she was born to live in the West. She moved to Montana in 2008, where she began to expand her craft beer palette. After relocating to Spokane, she worked as an environmental educator for four years. She began home brewing in 2010, which later led to being employed as Brewer’s Assistant/Assistant Brewer at Iron Goat Brewing Company. Abbie’s background in environmental education and brewing makes for a perfect match as a mobile canner.

Amanda is a Montana girl through and through. She grew up in eastern Montana, where she spent more than a decade helping in her parents’ small businesses. Amanda is an avid runner, and loves to be outdoors. After many years of beer abstinence, she was sullied by a beautiful Saison produced by Madison River Brewing in Belgrade, Montana. Her relationship with craft beer has been a torrid one ever since, and has led her to return to her small business roots.